New Website!


Ben working on his sea legs

Hello everyone,

We’ve just completed a brand new website and we hope you’ll follow us over to our new spot:


At our new site we are ready to take orders for our 2016 Pre-Season Seafood Shares!

After years of requests we’ll finally be able to take credit cards.  We hope our new site is user friendly and continues to tell the story of our small scale family fishing operation.  We’re open to suggestions and ideas.

You’ll see some other changes this year:

  • In addition to our Sockeye Salmon and Pacific Halibut, we are now offering Pacific Cod and Alaskan Rockfish caught by skiff!
  • We have a Recipe blog.  Please email us any recipes you love and we’ll post them!
  • We will offer a revitalized Bulk Buying Club option for our large groups.
  • We finally realized that Seafoods with an ‘S’ is not grammatically correct and dropped the ‘S.’

In addition to our overnight delivery option, we will again offer Salmon Share pickups in Seattle (and possibly the Methow by request.)

We hope you are all doing well and that you continue to buy and enjoy our Small Scales Seafood Shares again in 2016!


Happy Spring,

Emily, Kyle, Maggie and Ben

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Salmon in the Methow Only

We have a small stock pile of sockeye fillets and portions left here in the Methow Valley.  Give us a call if you’d like to swing by and pick some up!  907-299-1269

We’re sorry to say that we are all done shipping orders until this coming fall.  Please stay tuned for 2016 Salmon Share information!

We are in the process of finishing up a new website to help streamline orders and information.  STAY TUNED and THANKS!


ps- we will be in Mexico through 4/4 . . .

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Salmon Available!

Good News:DSC_2773

  • We have Salmon Shares available now!  Contact us to reserve your Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon.


  • It’s snowing and cold and snowing here in the Methow Valley!IMG_2495
  • It’s a New Year!  We hope your year is a joyful one.
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Grateful All Around

Fishing is always a bit of a flurry.  It’s a flurry to catch the fish and then it’s a flurry to get all of our orders out.  By now most customers are enjoying their 2015 Salmon Shares.  As our fishing flurry slows down we take the time to sit back, eat lots of Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon, and be grateful for YOU- our great customers!

We also love hearing how many of you are grateful to get your mouths on your Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares.  We’ve received so many thank you cards, notes and emails.  Each one bolsters us to continue connecting you with some of the finest seafood available.


anonymous note from a thankful customer


We still have limited 2015 Salmon Shares available.  We are planning another Seattle/Methow drop off and are still shipping orders as well.  Contact us if you’re interested!

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The Glamour

Luckily the non-glamorous moments of last week materialized into some glamorous moments and Scrumptious Halibut!  Kyle caught these beauties just the other day and  it’s some of the best halibut out there; hauled in by hand out of the beautiful waters of Kachemak Bay, AK, well iced and dressed at sea, flash frozen and vacuum packed.

We have these tasty Halibut Shares available for another two weeks. 

Kyle hauls in halibut long line gear by hand.  (This skiff was our first salmon drift boat years ago!)

Kyle hauls in halibut long line gear by hand. (This skiff was our first salmon drift boat years ago!)

Rough seas make for hard work and lovely fish.

Rough seas make for hard work and lovely fish.

This year's halibut ready to offload.

This year’s halibut ready to offload.


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Fishing has its glamorous moments- glorious sunsets, large schools of salmon hitting your net at once, months of post-fishing down time in a good year, large halibut coming over the rail, doing something you love . . .

It also has the non-glamorous moments:


Baiting Halibut Hooks

Kyle’s been preparing to fish our small quota of halibut and is putting in the required non-glamorous time: loading herring chunks and salmon carcasses onto the many circle hooks.  (He gave Maggie the chance to help, but she was more interested in throwing gravel around.)  Tonight Kyle is out laying gear with his mom (thanks Eileen!).  Kachemak Bay weather isn’t perfect tonight, but they decided to go out in a little swell and a moderate breeze.  Hopes are to start picking the long-line gear tomorrow morning and re-set it with fresh bait as many times as necessary to catch our 1,000 pounds of halibut quota.  Skiff fishing on our small scale offers plenty of adventure!

We promise more glamorous pictures too, but heck you might as well know about the real, down and dirty parts of fishing too . . .

Thanks for reading.

Salmon and Halibut Shares still available!

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Salmon Update + Halibut


Good news, your salmon is almost ready and we have extra Salmon and Halibut Shares still available!  

Here are our details for 2015 (individual invoice email will be sent shortly):
Salmon Shares can start shipping on Thursday 9/3.  We would like to ship in September on Mondays or Thursdays, to arrive the following day.  We are flexible if you need a later ship date.  We will be shipping on dry ice this year to improve quality.

We will arrange Seattle and Methow pickup dates in early October, once we return from AK.
We are again able to offer some of the lowest prices for top quality Sockeye Salmon shipped overnight to your doorstep.  (These prices include EVERYTHING- salmon, processing, overnight shipping!)
                      Fillets            Portions
25 lbs.     $16.25/lb        $15.25/lb
  50 lbs.     $17.25/lb        $16.25/lb

*We will offer cheaper shipping on WA and OR orders, and Seattle and Methow pickups.  Your individual email will reflect this.


Kyle is fishing halibut this week and we are able to offer limited shares of top-notch halibut.  It’s short notice but all orders have to ship between 8/24 and 9/9, Monday through Thursday.  If you’d like a Halibut Share please let me know!

Pricing on Portions: (includes everything!)
10 lbs.   $30/lb
20 lbs.   $28/lb
30 lbs.     $27/lb
Share the Salmon love– get your friends and family to place an order and get a $10 discount on your order!
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